High Sparrow

A review of «High Sparrow» by Håvard Haugvaldstad

This episode starts with Arya confused and frustrated at having to sweep floors in the House of Black and White. It appears she is kept in the dark on the workings of the faceless men. This episode sees Arya rid herself of her things in order to become no one, yet she can’t throw away Needle and instead hides it. It seems Arya is unwilling to throw away her precious sword even if that is the wish of the faceless men. I am unsure if going from sweeping floors to scrubbing dead bodies is a promotion in most people’s eyes, but let’s assume it is. Congratulations to Arya Stark on her promotion to morgue employee.

Meanwhile in King’s Landing king Tommen the first of his name happily marries and consummates said marriage with Margaery Tyrell who also seems pleased enough at (finally) getting the entire marriage thing right. The new queen really does show her cunning this episode and seems to know just what buttons to press to get her way. Getting Tommen to talk to his mother about Casterly Rock was clever. And personally I think the scene with Margaery and Cersei was the best scene in the entire episode. Margaery fried an artillery barrage of insults at the Queen Mother and received none in return, well done there.

Cersei goes to see the leader of the “sparrows” shortly after having thrown the old High Septon in the dungeons. Cersei claims she wants the faith and the crown to protect each other. It seems Cersei has plans for the High Sparrow. Cersei undoubtedly wants to secure her power and the old High Septon was not as useful to the Queen Mother as he should have been. I think we are all excited to see what happens in the capital in the future.

In the north Sansa is persuaded to go along with Littlefinger’s plan to marry her to Ramsay Bolton, but I think the most interesting turn of events is Littlefinger and Roose Bolton meeting. These men are calculating and clever, and neither the old gods nor the new know what they’re planning.

At the wall, Jon declines the offer from Stannis to become a Stark. He also gives Alliser Thorne the title of first builder and Janos Slynt the command of Greyguard, who refuses the command. I don’t think many mourn his death. Jon shows he is serious and beheads Janos even though he pleads for mercy.

Tyrion goes on an adventure in Volantis and meets someone he did not expect. It should be interesting to see what happens on the adventures of Jorah and Tyrion. And who knows how Varys will react to losing his travel companion.

As annoying as it is not having any Dorne on the map, I think makes up for its lack of Dorne by being thoroughly interesting from start to finish. I can’t complain and give this episode a rating of 8/10.

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