Sons of the Harpy

A review of Sons of the Harpy by Kelly Connellan.

This week’s episode stepped up the pace in terms of violence with killings and fights dotted through out. Even the first few seconds had Jorah punching an unsuspecting man in the face and stealing his boat.

In King’s Landing we see Cersei’s plans to regain power unfolding through acts such as making the small council even smaller and re-establishing the Faith Militant. The Sparrows took to their new role as the Faith Militant by cleansing the city of perversions against the faith. They definitely go all out; smashing stalls, sacking Littlefinger’s brothel, beating and killing those inside and even arresting Loras Tyrell. I’m intrigued to see what’s in store for this alliance between Cersei and the High Septon in the coming episodes and if it goes exactly how Cersei wishes.

We then journey to the Wall where Melisandre is trying to seduce yet another man: Jon Snow. Jon keeps his vows this time partly because he’s the honorable Commander of the Night’s Watch but mainly because he still loves Ygritte. That sends Melisandre packing but just as she leave she says a line we all know too well…‘You know nothing Jon Snow’. This definitely leaves a gob smacked Jon Snow and us with some questions!

At the Wall we also get to see a different, more likeable side to Stannis. In the scene he tells Shireen of how she came to have Greyscale and how he wouldn’t stop until she was cured, even when everyone said there was no use. I really enjoyed this scene and loved how it ended with an incredibly awkward hug with Stannis giving in eventually.

This week Sansa only features for a conversation with Littlefinger. The topic of their conversation is one that has been mentioned every now and then through the show: Rhaegar and Lyanna. All these references back must be for a reason and I’m interested to see what’s to come. This scene ends with another very awkward kiss between Littlefinger and Sansa much like that seen in season 4. I was again particularly creeped out and this feeling was definitely shared by all those who came to watch the episode in Timepiece with their shouts of ‘ewww’.

Jaime and Bronn make their way to Dorne and within a day of their arrival have some work to do with four Dornish riders finding them. Here we see Jaime’s first proper fight since having his hand chopped and it’s a sloppy one, as it should be. Jaime’s fight ends well with the Dornish man dealing what he believes to be the final blow only to be caught by Jaime’s golden hand giving time for Jaime to stab him through the chest. This clearly shows that their mission to get Myrcella is not going to be an easy one.

In our other shot of Dorne we finally get to meet the Sand Snakes, three of Oberyn’s bastard daughters. Although the scene was short we see they are set on revenge for their father. It will be interesting to see what part they play in the rest of the season.

The final scene brings us to Meereen where we clearly see why the episode is titled Sons of the Harpy as they are seen slaughtering Daenerys’ men everywhere. We cut to a battle with a group of Unsullied where Grey Worm ends up being the last Unsullied standing against many Sons. At this point it really doesn’t look great for Grey Worm but then Sir Barristan appears. This makes me think everything is going to be absolutely fine, after all this is one of the greatest fighters of Westeros. Oh how I was wrong. The episode finishes with dead Sons of the Harpy littering the floor and Barristan and Grey Worm joining them. Are they both dead? We will have to wait for the next episode to find out. I was really disappointed that the first time we see Sir Barristan fighting is the time that he dies, I suppose it was probably about time that a character we liked died. Things just aren’t going well for Daenerys with her trusted advisor now gone. It’s a good thing Jorah and Tyrion are on the way.

I think this was a cracking episode packed with violence and great one-liners. I look forward to next week’s episode as things are starting to heat up in season 5!

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