Brand new Game of Thrones Steelbooks (Season 1 and 2) release TODAY!

As members of the Exeter University Game of Thrones Society we all know how long the wait is until season 6 and welcome any chance to drop back into our favourite universe. HBO takes us right back to Westeros with their new limited edition Steelbooks box set in a way we’ve never experienced before.

The Box Set looks absolutely stunning and features new artwork designed by Elastic, the people who created the famous opening credits, and we all know how good they are; Emmy Award winning good! Its minimalistic design gives a classic feel to the new box sets and would be the pride of anyone’s collection. Each series artwork features a different house specific to the season. For instance, season one focuses on Winterfell where we meet the Starks and get a taste of the North. One of our favourite aspects of the design is the corresponding sigil magnet that comes with each box set.

Not only do they look the part, they are the very first TV title to feature Dolby Atmos on Blu-ray. This is Dolby’s new audio technology that has been used in cinemas for the past couple of years and has finally come to a TV box set. We were lucky enough to test out the sound for ourselves down in London and it was genuinely incredible! We watched the Battle of Blackwater and Dolby Atmos really made the episode come to life. It epically teleports you into the chaos of battle; the sound of arrows raining and the clashing of swords surrounding you. The moment when Bronn shoots the arrow was brought to a whole new level as the sound travelled across the room, placing you on the walls of King’s Landing.

We are extremely grateful towards HBO to have had the opportunity to experience this brand new feature and look forward to see what they are next up to.

Kelly Connellan, Social Secretary

Quentin De Donder, President

The limited edition Steelbooks (seasons 1 and 2) are available to buy from 26th October on Amazon

Season 1 –

Season 2 –

Interview with Kristian Nairn – Hodor!

On Saturday Kristian Nairn graced the Lemon Grove and proceeded to prove what a superb DJ he is. Before he arrived Exeter Game of Thrones Society and a few of its members had the opportunity to ask him a few questions.


EU GoT Soc: You’ve been on your international tour, what venues have you particularly enjoyed?

KN: It’s hard to pick actually.  We’ve been really spoilt literally everywhere and I’ve been overwhelmed with the reaction.  It always means a lot to me to arrive in a place I’ve never heard of, and find out that the venue has sold out!  That is crazy to me.  If I had to pick, I would say San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Austin in the States stand out.. Australia really was a blast too.

EU GoT Soc: Do you enjoy playing uni student unions? Ever been to Exeter before?

KN: I really do have a special place in my heart for all the UK student venues I’ve done.  They never EVER disappoint, and I will never forget the support that the Students have given me.  I have never been to Exeter before, and although it’s a flying visit, I’m really looking forward to it.

EU GoT Soc: You’ve expressed before your love for pre-EDM, want to tell us who we should be listening to?

KN: Let’s put the record straight.  To answer that question, you need to define what YOU or I believe the term EDM means and covers.  It differs wildly.  That is one of the things that annoys me about it.  Also some people look down their nose at anything branded EDM, when there really is no need to.  On my latest tour, someone actually said to me “ nice IDM set “ and obviously I had to ask what that meant.  “INTELLIGENT dance music!”  REALLY guys?  haha.  I would never instruct someone on what they should listen to, because great as some tracks might be, some of the classics will sound dated to modern ears.  If you start to like a genre of music, do some research into the DJs that pioneered it, and try to find some of their old set lists and go from there :D!

To listen to some of Kristian’s mixes head to his Soundcloud:


EU GoT Soc: How does one of your typical sets vary from a Rave of Thrones set?

KN: Not really.  I use a Game of Thrones themed intro and will probably play a remix of the theme song I made somewhere near the end, but otherwise, it’s my sound/set through and through.  How far the show gets into the theme really depends on the crowd and venue. I’m just the enabler  haha.

Lewis Kirk: Can you do a Rains of Castamere remix? Does remixing Game of Thrones music interest you?

KN: I’ll assume thats a serious question.  So, No.  And, aside from the theme bootleg I did, Also no.

EU GoT Soc: As we know you aren’t in Season 5, have you enjoyed your year off?

KN: It’s been an amazing year and also the busiest year of my life without doubt… and it’s not showing signs of slowing down.  I’m very lucky.


Peter Hartnell: What was the audition for Hodor like?

KN: It was definitely a unique audition, and I haven’t done anything similar before or since.  It was basically all about demonstrating that I could show a number of emotions without using words.. and also in a way with fitted the brief for the character.

Tom Bracey: Did you enjoy the opportunity to break from Hodor’s benign friendly disposition when you played out the killing of Locke at Craster’s Keep?​

KN: That was actually one of my favourite scenes to film so far.  As an actor, it’s a joy to be able to show such violent switches in personality. Albeit being inhabited by a totally different one, and snapping back to deal with the fallout of what you had done!  It was a complex and fun scene.

Alas Jonty Sutherland’s question of “Hodor?” will go unanswered this season, but we have already been informed that Bran and Hodor will reappear in Season 6. Then again Jonty maybe did ask Kristian this Saturday in the Lemmy…10488140_10205926537139691_1895286427583964015_n